Bride abandons her wedding plans to feed victims of Hurricane Harvey


Tragedies can bring out the best out of a person. In the effects of Hurricane Harvey, there were several stories of neighbors assisting friends and also thousands around the country who still send supplies, money, prayers and well wishes.

One big-hearted couple in Texas contributed the food they had bought for their wedding reception dinner. Josh Tillis and Dayna Skolkin rescheduled their wedding to December due to Hurricane Harvey.

Dayna Skolkin, the bride-to-be, began to assist those displaced by the vicious storm. The dinner was to be hosted at a Dayna’s mom’s non-profit organization. Luckily, the facility stayed dry and became a meal preparation center for the Houstonians left rendered homeless by the hurricane.

Food bought for the couple’s dinner offered hundreds of meals with the generous couple directly involved in the packaging and preparation.

Dayna stated that everybody in Houston is doing everything possible to assist.

Dayna’s mother died a few years ago, but she is grinning at her daughter’s sympathy and kindness for her fellow citizens in need.

There are several interesting daily stories of citizens assisting one another in this time of disaster. Eagerly, as the floodwaters draw away, the compassion and sympathy for our fellow citizens and human beings goes on.

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